Glen is crazy smart and crazy but smart


So there is this article on Glen Greenwald in the New Yorker that is worth a read if one is interested in people who get it right sometimes in ways that may you want to scream and get things wrong in ways that it makes you want to scream so that when you encounter them you want to hear what they have to say because they are going to make you scream no matter what they say and scream because even when they are wrong they make a kind of sense that you have to pay attention to because it is such thoughtful getting it wrong, the path to wrong often as brilliant as the paths that get to what is right.

I have been following Greenwald for a while now beginning I think with his reporting on Wikileaks and Snowden, but maybe before when picking up stories in the Guardian that were of interest to me.  Do not like Glen sometimes because he comes at me at angles against which I do not know how to defend.  I agree with him sometimes about things that no one else I know would agree with and he makes points that I know need to be made but that I know will never be considered by those how could expand their understanding of things, in their complexity, by hearing what he has to say.

So, read the article and let me know what you think about the person and what this person has to say.  His take on the Trump-Russia follies has a certain poignancy that may make some want to spit but I do think that the maniacal focus day to day on every little “breaking” detail had without doubt taken peoples eyes of much that probably counts more in terms of how it will effects life, for instance, what Mr. Sessions does on a day to day basis in the Department of Justice.  Nasty shit but given a little bit of not so bad because he refuses to unrecuse himself….

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