Liberals and how they have come to love the clandestine services they once feared–for good reason

I was watching a segment on some news program that pointed out that a good number of people running for office this election season have affiliations with our clandestine services. The piece suggested that the reason they are running for office in such numbers is because of the way their agencies are being treated by the Trump administration–understandable. They are mostly running as democrats, the party where liberals felt they had a political home. Personally, I have never thought of the CIA or the FBI or NSA to be populated by people of the liberal persuasion. And not too many years back, liberals were, for good reason, leery of the secret services because they all had a long history, under the cloak of secrecy, hiding from a democratic missions being carried out of which few who were liberal in their thinking would approve, for one thing because many of the secret actions were carried our against liberals and their causes. Is it really good for freedom and democracy to fill the chambers of Congress with people who worked for these agencies? Has bad, bad Trump made FBI, and CIA, and NSA the good guys and are they really now representatives of what good liberals understand to be good? My enemies enemies are not, by virtue of being their enemies, necessarily my friends, right. It might be that Trump has caused liberals to lose their minds.L

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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