Feeling sick

With the reality of a Supreme Court filled with Justices who will protect freedom of religion (freedom to impose its come from above narratives of how we came to be and what we should do on the lives of believers and non-believers alike) and the freedom of those who use the religion of capitalism to keep most of the people passive enough so that when they are abused they say thank you to those who provide them with enough of what they have been convinced to want to keep them happy.  These are truly terrible days and not only because something evil has overtaken us but because–far, far, worse–we have given our consent by making their evil ways our way.  Without the us that is that general public that goes about doing their business everyday, year after year, their wishes would not be so richly granted and there would not be an us continuously help them get richer and ever more powerful, ever more in command of what we are able to do with our lives, ever more in command of what becomes of the planet on which we live.

There should have been a revolt over the Patriot Act and their should have been a revolt over what Rumsfeld and Cheney cost us in lives and treasure.  We should have revolted long ago over there being so much for war (that money went into the hands of corporations, the corpses were rarely those of the children of politicians or corporate leaders) and so little for schools and roads and the building of institutions for human progress.  We should have revolted when the banks sucked from the average person–lover of America and the American way–most of what he and she owned, even most of what they needed, their homes and money to send their kids to college and all that stuff that makes the American dream possible, two SUVs in the garage, large screen TVs, and CocaCola in the fridge.  We should have revolted, we should have revolted, we should have revolted but there would be no revolution, there would be no revolution, there would be no revolution on that day or any other day.

Sucks!!!  Too satisfied.  To preoccupied.

Tragedy is that there has been a revolution going on for most of our lifetimes, a coup we can and probably should call it, the rich and powerful choosing who can be rich and powerful and the rich and powerful and their chosen running a government that should by of the people and for the people but is, and has been for a long time, a government by a few people for a few people.

What makes these days different is that those few, with our complicity, have finally rigged things so the few can have at us in anyway they want.  And they have show themselves, the few, to want every thing they can get.

The new court will let them have it–everything they want.

And still, there will be no revolution.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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