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When Joe Biden Collaborated With Segregationists

The candidate’s years as an anti-busing crusader cannot be forgotten—or readily forgiven.

Oh, Joe!  You will do your best to keep the good old going and those who have suffered by it will continue to suffer.

Kozol has written books that try the soul by depicting the lives of students in inner city schools.  He has worked in such schools and he knows these schools and that no child should have to attend such schools.  Brown v the Board was based on sound research that showed that separate could not be equal and the Coleman report explained why it was that school integration was a requisite for any system that could provide meaningfully equal opportunity.  That people like Biden would work to undermine school integration projects says much about who the man, someone who should not be president if we are going to ever move on toward a fair and just society.

America needs radical change just to be fair.  The “centrist” candidates the democratic party sends us are sent so that the system can be protected against those who would try to make it more humane.  Humane people will reject such candidates and a party that consistently wants to support them.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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