Inadequate. Not to be tolerated.

From Reno Gazette-Journal today: “The Washoe County School District again provided no information after Superintendent Traci Davis went on an indefinite leave of absence and two of her top administrators were no longer employed.”

Does the district know things we, the public, do not know.  Of course they do and, as I said in the last post, any person with the least bit of sensible curiosity has good reason to believe that withholding information here is more than an instance but a way of doing business for this school district.

There is “no investigation” says the Board president, this as if she wishes people to believe that there is nothing amiss.  But, again for the least bit curious and enough memory to recall other recent events, “no investigation” means that really important information is being buried.  Firings of administrators, their sudden resignations without explanation, without explanation of cause, is unacceptable and for a public school board to treat the public so is cause for investigation into the board’s behavior.

Secrecy for the public’s own good has become an excuse for hiding bad behavior and, here, confidentiality is being used to withhold what people concerned with the welfare of the young and with the proper operation of institutions of education have every right to know.  What did those who are forced to leave leadership positions in a school district do that was serious enough for them to be forced to leave.  Whatever happened, it has to have been very serious and this is most definitely cause for a need to know.

The Board president and the Board cannot be allowed to get away with the “no comment” is the best we can do approach to queries into actions taken.  Something is going on in our school district that is obviously wrong.  People trusted with our children have done wrong.  There had to be wrong done if these people were forced to leave their positions.  What that wrong was and why it was allowed to take place must be made known.

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Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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