Oh what a terrible mess-They closed down the district because they are afraid of the Superintendent they hired

WCSD to shut down offices as Davis plans return. Davis reacts: ‘racial issues’ in district

This is a truly amazing story playing out in the Washoe county School District.  While the District is telling the public that the reason for Superintendent Davis’ problems is the leaking of information, the reason for the offices being closed is described by the District as such: “The offices were closed because multiple employees have come forward, in fear of retaliation by Davis, to report their work environments were hostile, harassing, toxic, and unprofessional,” the statement said. “With Davis announcing her return tomorrow in breach of her leave of absence agreement, employees are understandably concerned about what their work environment will be.  This District supports a hostile free, professional work environment.”

When Ms. Davis was last evaluated by the District, a firm was hired to collect information from employees and public and the surveys found that considerable numbers of those who knew of and were recipients of her actions reported dissatisfaction, many pointing to behaviors such as those that are now reason for closing down the District offices.  THOSE SURVEYS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A LESS THAN SATISFACTORY EVALUATION OF MS. DAVIS were ignored.  Ms. Davis retained her job.

Ms. Davis is now making claims that the current situation involves racial discrimination. It may.  At this point, however, I think that it may be that the fact that Ms. Davis is of African-American background has led to treatment of her that violates the civil rights of students who deserve well managed schools and employees, parents, and students who have received mistreatment at her hands.

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