Electability vs the elected getting done what needs doing

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CNN Exclusive: Biden expresses skepticism of Democrats’ leftward tilt and AOC’s mass appeal

Biden’s task is now to convince Americans that his brand of politics has a better chance of defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.
One way that many Democrats believe he could better his chances is by picking a woman as his possible vice president, should he win the nomination.


This idea of electability as a main consideration in the choice of people to think seriously about nomination is nauseating.  It reflects a status quo agenda when the status quo is a rather pathetic set of circumstances as reflected in the fact that a very few have so much wealth as to be able to buy the lives of the rest and have them do their bidding, by the conditions economy and by the legal right of those with wealth to have a greater voice in the political decision making process than those without wealth.  This is a democracy so broken that it is unrecognizable as a democracy, not one really but thought by the masses to be the best one possible given the conditions of the reality they are forced to accept,

The unrealistic hope for change that is meaningful is a card played so often that one would think the many would be wise to the fraud it represents.  But there are those who constantly remind us of what is and isn’t possible and meaningful change, the election of people who will honestly, against the odds, supposed and real, harmful to some cause that really isn’t worthy of any democratically oriented and humane person’s support.

And so there is Joe and he is about the status quo with a very little bit of sugar mixed in to sweeten his chances of getting elected so that he can hold down the fort and prevent any kind of real change from taking place.  America is already great said another illiberal center of the road leading right presidential candidate who lost the election her party gave her to lose because her party was run by right-center, hold the line, all is really well even though what is is not so good for so many.  Think of patriotism, think of the past victories, the good and allow it to overwhelm, even cancel out the bad.  Forget about your empathy for those hurt and destroyed in the name of a state that has sacrificed so many, too often so that a few can prosper monstrously.

So Joe, when you try to teach us of the goodness of the old ways, some of us are insulted and some of us are are enraged and when you judge people with ideas so much more important and promising than those you have had for so long.  You posture like the only realist in the game because, you want to believe, you know so well how to play the game.  But, your notion of a win is not for decency, for justice and equality and, though you may want people to think it is, it isn’t the only game possible.  What scares the hell out of you and those who think like you are those who are game changers, especially those who are so articulate as to be able to explain the disastrous effects of both the game and those who play it so well.

Really Joe, sometimes I want to tell you to go to hell and this because you and your friends who are “on our side, really,” are such deceptive assholes, wanting us to think the best of you when you work so well along side the worst.

You, Joe, are likely to be the democratic nominee and you will do your best to bring civility to the political process so that things look like they are working smoothly and they will be, but to bad purpose, agreeable legislators legislating for the good of the elite, some of these “liberal” as far as neoliberalism will allow.  I think you to be a vicious device that operates to undercut meaningful and honest political dialogue that leads to the proper defining of right and wrong, good and evil.  I not only want you out of the race but out of the discussion not because I do not think that all should be heard but because I do not think you are capable, game player that you are, of participating in meaningful and honest conversation of the time that might allow for the better to cancel out the worst.








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