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Like it this way?

From AARP:

Drug companies are on a spending blitz to stop AARP advocates just like YOU, Stephen.

PhRMA, the lobbying group for major pharmaceutical manufacturers, is buying pricey full page print and digital ads in major national publications. It’s an all-out effort to undermine the work we’re doing together to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

But they aren’t just running ads — big drug companies have also spent $10 MILLION lobbying Congress this year alone. Money speaks, but their greedy tactics will never outweigh AARP’s 38 million members.

Those drug companies do not draw all of their political support from republicans.  They draw their support from capitalists who happen to hold sway in both parties.  Elections are very unlikely to change the dynamics of pay and get all the play.  Time for different strategies at a time when real revolutionary change is necessary if full ownership of the world is not to be accomplished by those who already own most of it.

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