I replied because the center is way too far right allow for response to our situation that is moderate. There is hardly a one in the opposition with whom it would be sensible to be nice



“I know this means my favored ideals suffer, but I am starting to feel like the power shift from a second Trump term will be truly disastrous.”


I am a little more than hesitant to agree. The end of Trump does not mean that things will be well and good if the broader causes of Trump being elected are not dealt with proper force, moderate positions not providing what is needed for meaningful action against a rather successful conservative push-helped by neoliberals–to control American politics and society. Trump, remember, is a symptom. A Trump presidency was set up by a long running campaign by very powerful people to make the USA a permanently conservative nation, this made effective in good part by money being used to influence and coerce various sectors to accede to its demands. Universities, the media, public schools, all parts of government that have been privatized, leaders of the democratic party, even some environmental and civil rights groups that have been desperate enough to accept cash with real ropes–not strings– attached. So much that was or might have been the opposition and fuel for action has been compromised. Consider the real and lasting effects of the last two centrist democratic administrations and what has followed each of them!!! Clinton to Bush! We said it couldn’t get any worse. And then Obama to Trump. So what that matters now was really changed for the better by these too moderate to win the vote democrats? Centrist enough to win election but never radical enough to begin leading the way to a better that is good enough.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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