Sick men in power make for a powerfully sick society

The fact that leading figures in the American duopoly palled around with Epstein doesn’t mean that the scandal has no political salience. Quite the reverse; it shows that plutocratic corruption infects the entire system.

There are backrooms whose doors are now swinging open and what fills those rooms should disgust, be found appalling by decent human beings.  Consider the attitudes of these now found out to be miscreants, that sense of themselves that would allow them to behave toward others–here toward children–in such ways and, too, their sense of the value of others’ lives in relation to their own.  For their enjoyment, for their entertainment they understand it their privilege to destroy others lives, young lives.  These people hold and have held positions of power in our society and been influential in our public debates.  It should not be difficult to see why decisions made in the name of the public good so often do terrible harm to the truly innocent.

Drag these fuckers from their rooms.  Shame them properly before the public.  Educate the public to force truth and never accept before knowing the true characters of those who lead and want to lead.  The law that is their shield needs serious revision.  None who are righteous should fear proper scrutiny.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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