White (upper class) “liberal” lies undone.

Interesting, I think, that people with opinions different enough from mainstream, centrist democratic party leadership’s and, instead of discussion that incorporates new ideas taking place in a meaningful way, argumentation becomes ‘war.’  It does seem that those most adamantly opposed to the left-leaning find the left positions threatening rather than helpful and why they are threatened deserves to be considered because it reflects a critical problem this country has suffered from for a long time, the absence of an opposition to a system that becomes more and more problematic, more and more harmful, more and more toxic because it is allowed to grow ever stronger for lack of proper criticism.  Really, the reason for this is that centrist democrats like things the way they are.  They live well by the system.  They and theirs do get good education and excellent health care.  The police protect them (from those harmed who they fear will do them harm) and the justice system treats them fairly, sometimes more than fairly.  They do worry about pollution and violence and the educational system because they breathe the same air, don’t want to get shot, and need people who are skilled enough to do the work that helps them live the good lives they live.

These new voices are particularly dangerous because what they are saying does make sense, answers questions many who are not on the inside, beneficiaries of the system, have been afraid to ask for fear of retribution by the self anointed “sensible ones,”  those “realists” who, for many, many years have been able to quiet rebel tendencies with kind words, false charity, and promises of a better that never materializes.  These new folk know the rouse and others are hearing what they already know to be true spoken to power.  That power is base in falsehood, false concern, false empathy, a false humanity and now false is being properly translated by some who are willing to speak the truth.

Support them.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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