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Valerie Plame

She had something to do with a major, really major scandal that was related to the Bush administration lying to the country in order to conduct a war that helped to put a lot of money into certain people’s pockets while killing hundreds of thousands of human beings.  She was married to a guy named Joe Wilson and a very interesting movie about the two of them called Fair Game tells a story that should not be forgotten–but probably has been.  The announcement below showed up on Facebook today.  I think I would vote for her if I lived in NM!

I have big news, and I am not going to be covert about it. I just filed papers to run for Congress in New Mexico’s open 3rd District for the 2020 election. That’s right! I am running for Congress because like you, I cannot sit idly by and watch our president diminish our values and standing in the world. Chip in $5, $10, or whatever you can afford now to help start my campaign strong.

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