As some had predicted

It seems at this point in the Mueller hearing that Trump and his minions have much to be happy about and that the democrats have put before the American people a witness who will not or cannot answer the questions in anyway other than to allow republican accusations to be heard and stand without refutation.

The democrats’ purpose for calling Mueller is far from being achieved and the propaganda the hearing is producing for Trump and friends is great.  I see a major disaster unfolding here, the consequence of which may be monumental.

I hope the direction things unfold throughout the rest of the day changes radically.  That it can, I doubt.  The democrats seem to have decided to ask the witness to confirm what is stated in the report.  The republicans seem well prepared to question the legitimacy of the report and, Mueller, feeling he has to stick to the text of the report, will not respond to what will be understood by many as condemnation of both the process and the product.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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