Mueller over or we are done for badly.

Really, the Mueller report and the Mueller investigation have been a great diversion that has caused the many to miss what is really salient, an administration using tactics that abuse the system of government invented by the founders in order to put in place a maliciously destructive agenda that, because so much attention has been stolen by the investigation, has not been properly challenged by the democratic party or by citizens who should be really afraid of how Trump’s achievements–he has achieved much–are and will be affecting how people live their lives for a long time to come.  The two appointees to the Supreme Court and appointments to the lower courts, for example, should signify for the thoughtful a radical change in how law will be established and how it will be enforced.

The continued push to use the Mueller report to undermine Trump is making Trump stronger and a stronger Trump is a menacing proposition.  How he won the election may be an important thing to know and understand in regard to how criminal behavior played a role in the outcome.  That said, he is the president now and he is using his presidential powers and some powers he has no right to use reshape the country into a Trumpian dystopia, a mean society that is petty and vengeful and hurting right now millions of people who do not deserve to be punished.  Bad behavior is being translated into the positive and ugly sentiment a proper and normal way of thinking.

Trump is a menace and he needs to be treated as such.  He is a powerful menace because the system has not worked to prevent a menace from attaining the power of the presidency.

Something more than investigation by a tragicomical opposition is needed, only one part of it the replacement of the fools who now hold positions that should be held by truly effective defenders of what is right and good.  Out with the old guard that has been accepted as the best of the left that the system can tolerate and in with a new guard make up of politicians with the intelligence and the gumption to push back hard, hard enough to move things forward for real.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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