Further on power and the powerless

I have just read a string of posts concerning the bad treatment of good people under a system of government that is supposed to serve the people by being by the people. Those who have traditionally opposed the maltreatment of people by and with the permission of the government have tried to work within the system to make it a just one. The approach has not worked, obviously, and the forces that have come to own government become stronger while the opposition tries to use over and over again tactics that have been proven over a long period of time not to work. Those now holding power and using it against people to get more for themselves will not be convinced to give up, give back power to the people. The people will have to force the change necessary to create a people’s state that is truly by and for the people. We should be talking about what kind of force that must be and how and when to strategically use it.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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