Response to note complaining of unfairness

The note describes people being displaced to make way for projects that will serve the wealthy and powerful while disrupting, if not destroying, the lives of those made powerless by the system.

There is also lacking a properly capable opposition force within the political system. The hope is on the democratic party to counter the evil but it has shown itself unable to act effectively in this capacity and, because we have a two party system in which both parties support an economic and political system that favors the unethical, greedy, and inhumane members of a capitalist elite, the opposition is at best weak and, in reality, complicit. Trump for a very long time found friends in the democratic party, partied with many of its leaders, he a part of the party scene for the rich and famous, no conditions made on membership for how they make their money or the effect on individuals and society caused by their use of the power they are able to buy in the American system they have paid to have shaped to favor them greatly.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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