Krystal Ball gets it right

Ex-Host Krystal Ball: MSNBC’s Russia ‘Conspiracies’ Have Done ‘Immeasurable Harm’ to the Left

I had to stop watching MSNBC a while back for this reason.  And for some others that had to do with certain people thinking that I should be told how to interpret the news of the day that I had to go elsewhere than MSNBC and CNN to get.  The same “experts” day after day pitching theories, dramatic enough always to play to the desires of audiences that wanted to be told how to think and/or entertained rather than informed.  Corporate media gives its users what it wants with little concern for what they need.  They no longer have real reporters on air sharing what they see and hear happening except for hourly news breaks that last but a few minutes and those who facilitate the discussions with the experts made stars are stars themselves making way too much money to care much about the consequences of what they facilitate.

Yes, the focus on Trump and election misdeeds jacked ratings and while the ratings were rising interest in the really meaningful things going on each day, those related to the success of Trump gang initiatives, other forms of banditry made legal, earth plundering, and such other destructive deeds have been under reported the full stories never adequately revealed.

Krystal is a righteous kind of gypsy.


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