Center is dangerous when the rot is at the core

Democrats must follow this one rule for 2020

“Next, circle the wagons around the nominee. President Trump is such a threat to the rule of law, American democracy and the liberal world order that the United States spent more than 70 years building and helping to maintain that nothing matters more than making him a one-term occupant. Thus, who cares if the eventual nominee isn’t your “one.” Who cares if the eventual nominee only meets 80 percent — heck, 50.1 percent — of your checklist? Evicting Trump should be the most important item on that checklist.”     

Really?  Doesn’t matter what that 20 or 49.9% is about but accept as one’s own candidates who can beat Trump?  And then, next cycle, so little so many want, NEED to have accomplished goes unaccomplished and the Reagan to Bush to Bush to Trump march toward annexation of the decent society continues, interrupted appearance wise by democratic victories for centrists who try to get along with everyone while some amongst that every plot and plan their next moves toward making the political system and the society forever theirs.

Trump gone, celebrate but then, after the celebration, what then four or eight years later after the willing to compromise democrat compromises and the conservative right plots next moves and strategies based on showing that compromise does little to get people what they really need.  Those people who really need, in not getting get angry and…  We get something worse than Trump or Bush.  Inconceivable?  Remember how inconceivable Bush was and how much more inconceivable Trump was, even in comparison to Bush who worked with the Cheney’s and the Rumsfeld and others to change the definition of decency so that they could go about doing things patently indecent.

We live with with that definition now, modified only to make it worse while Obama was in office, so much so that Trump actually became president.

Anyone but Trump?  I get the sentiment but, really, isn’t the sentiment expressed by the likes of the author of the lead quote here really about holding a center that is itself indecency made to look decent in light of the abject indecency that is the current reality?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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