CNN Freaks out and for good reason


CNN Banner tonight: The US is Under Attack From Within

CNN tonight, across its website, is seemingly in a panic and it needs to be as should the American public considering what is our ongoing nightmare of murder on a mass scale in the open where ever some crazy person wishes to take it.  The idiot president, as he returned to DC from his golf course resort kept repeating the words “mental health” and pronounced the two shooters “mentally ill” without knowing anything about who these shooters were, implying, of course, that guns were not to blame because…  Because why? Because only the mentally ill would do such things and this should not mean that sane people should not be able to possess assault weapons, as though it is possible that people who want or need to possess assault weapons are not insane.  That is, of course, coming from a many who is himself insane, a man who just yesterday pronounced the insane leader of North Korea sane.  He cannot know who is sane and nor can anyone know if another is insane until there is reason to believe it true and the act that proves it just might be a deadly one.  So what the fuck does sensed does the mental health not the gun argument mean besides that whoever uses it is doesn’t know what the fuck he or she is saying because the logical conclusion that they wouldn’t wish anyone to come to is this: that, because it would be impossible to determine if a person is not mentally healthy enough to use good judgement when in possession of a deadly weapon, to insure that only the mentally healthy could possess lethal weapons, that person would have to prove his or her sanity.  Since even a sane person, as has been proven on many occasions, can in a moment lose his or her sanity, to possess a gun would necessitate that all who want one would have to prove that they will never have such momentary loss, this being impossible.  No one, then, would be able to pass the mental health test and no one would be allowed to possess a gun.

Maybe we should follow such logic?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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