Reruns and fresh stock

Sometimes same is insane and quite a while back we entered an era of insane so pervasive and so often renewed that what we live with as regular would be irregular if we could come to grips with the fact that the present is may be abhorrent  but it is not aberration in comparison to the day before or the past month or year or many years.  We live in an abhorrent normal that should be intolerable that is now tolerable because it is so normal in the context of what constitutes our recent and our now.

They will play baseball today.  A full schedule.  People will go about their Sunday business and then their Monday business as though nothing extraordinary has happened and nothing extraordinary has happened if you compare it to the day before or the past month or year or many years.

Radically changing the cycle to which we have become accustomed, seeing the levels of inhumanity we accept in order to avoid changing the system and being outraged both by the inhumanity of it and our tolerance of it is the difficult step that must be taken to begin a much needed humanitarian revolution.  We are, as we are, not a good society despite what we have decided to tell ourselves to keep ourselves going.  To stop going where we have been going will be disruptive and difficult.  Our lives are likely to be changed by the changes that we need to bring about to bring sanity to our society.  Quintin Tarantino movies, in a sane society, would never have been needed to have been made.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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