For a long time now we have been experiencing what, without too much reflection, must be understood as a profound national crisis.

We are not responding well.

We are not in crisis mode and looking for remedy as if it were essential that we find it soon.

If we go on going on as we always do we do so ignoring the true nature of the situation.  And by doing so, we allow our fellow human beings to be harmed.

We need to stop this crisis of madness and it is madness that has befallen us, every day new mad acts taking place before our eyes.  We squeal and then forget until new victims are destroyed.  We give little time at all to think about those whose misery and whose deaths do not make the headlines.

If we took the time to reflect, honestly, with out the blinders we use to keep us “sane,” we would, if humane, have to feel deep pain, pain we could not tolerate.  We are tolerant.  We let pass what should never be aloud to pass by decent human beings.

We need to take the time to do what is needed to restore decency and, if we really are decent people, we will do it now.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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