It’s just a hill. No, a magical hill…

Temple Mount Clashes: Jordan Condemns ‘Blunt’ Israeli Violations as Jews Allowed in Holy Site

Children talking.  But no!  Adults armed with laws and political decisions to keep at bay those who believe the hill is magical, who disagree on what kind of magic it means.  And they will fight–some to the death if they have to–to have the magic their way.  Adults!  Adults fighting over magical things as though they are real, about things supernatural that in a sane world of sane people would be understood to be meaningless because they are nonexistent, cannot exist except in the minds of crazy people.  Those crazy people are not only given room to be crazy, but to affect–and infect–others with their craziness! This is not a little thing because the infection affects the daily lives of everyone on the planet, the crazy religionists and everyone else and their can be no sensible resolution to the issues these crazy people fight about because the issues are about fantastical things that a child of 10 should know to be to be fantastical.  But these are adults and they teach their children that their–the adult’s–fantasies are real and not only real, but so real and so important as to not be questioned this because, if questioned by the child, the question logically pursued, he or she would understand how fantastical and unreal this stuff the parents believe to be real and more true than what appears to reasonable people as reality.

Crazy shit respected by adults as at at least important and meaningful as what is real and those crazy shit adults keep teaching their kids to confuse reality for fantasy and fantasy for reality, the fantastical reality ever unprovable so made special so that the children will not question it and the real distorted to the point that adults from different gangs believing in different fantastical realities climb a hill that members of both gangs believe to be magical and they fight each other and the consequences are real, on that fucking hill and then in streets surrounding and then in towns and villages and cities around the world, killing with a particular kind of self-righteous viciousness that comes with knowing that some fucking god is on their side.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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