Reasonable or very dangerous or reasonable AND very dangerous?

From article about Dr. Jill Biden ad for her husband.

Consider how truly screwed up things are when such is other than a ridiculous reason for voting for a particular candidate.  The problem is that voting for a candidate who qualifies by such reasons, whose main appeal is that he or she is electable, offers no hope for the kind of meaningful change that might prevent the kind of bad that people are voting against from occurring again.

How Jill Biden gave away the secret to Joe Biden’s 2020 plan

“I know that not all of you are committed to my husband, and I respect that,” Jill Biden, the former vice president’s wife, told a crowd at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Monday. “But I want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability, and who’s going to win this race.”
Added Jill Biden: “Your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, health care, than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election. And maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, ‘OK, I personally like so-and-so better,’ but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump.”

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