The answer to the problem is to do whatever

“With whatever.”  A leader whose ideas deserve to be followed, right?  “With whatever,” is a great solution and it deserves to be applied because the logic for using it is so…so…convincing for those who are convinced by logic that is based in whatever.  Anyone who ever uttered such at anyplace where intelligent handling of issues was required would be fired upon uttering such and for good reason–the lack of it.

Our president (yikes!) is explaining how Obama should have responded to Russia’s taking over Crimea, saying it was not Russia that was to blame but Obama for not doing whatever.

Trump advocates for Putin at G-7 summit in move to soften Russia’s pariah status

“President Obama was pure and simply outsmarted,” Trump said. “They took Crimea during his term. That was not a good thing. It could have been stopped, it could have been stopped with the right, whatever. It could have been stopped, but President Obama was unable to stop it, and it’s too bad.”

More from the great leader.  Another quote from same press conference, this reported in a Mother Jones article.  “Whether or not he could come psychologically, I think that’s a tough thing for him to do.” (about his asking Putin to attend next G7 (8) meeting”).

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