We need to be concerned with alliances

While this story is about the Amazon and its destruction, it is also about the nastiness of capitalism and the problem of capitalists running governments, this made possible by the ways in which money is by far the greatest influence on who holds power in so called democracies such as ours.  It really is important for us to know of the relationships that exist between those we consider supporting for office and those who own capitalist enterprises, what these enterprises do to make their money and the effect their operations have upon our world.  That Joe Biden is a friend of the head of a company that supports a company that grows beef on Amazon land intentionally deforested is an important thing to know about a candidate.  Supporting Joe just may be lending support to the destruction of the rain forest and, important too is the fact that this kind of person, a successful business person, is more likely to be appointed to important positions in government than, say, a school teacher or the head of a do for the good non-profit organization, one, for instance, that works to protect the environment by promoting laws that are environmentally friendly.

Is the friendship really a mark against Joe Biden?  Maybe not the one but, if there are many, if he, a candidate for president, then those who are going to vote should consider what those relationships mean in terms of how the candidate sees the world and whose way of being he or she supports.  It was important that Hillary Clinton was taking money from Goldman Sachs in big chunks to do speeches for them!  As it is important to understanding Bill Clinton and Donald Trump in terms of their relationships with Jeffery Epstein or George Bushes the Cheney and Cheney to Halliburton.

Good to read this article then.

Larry Fink, Joe Biden’s Wall Street Ally, is Deeply Invested in Amazon Cattle Ranching, a Force Behind Deforestation

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