Indecent. A very sick country.

“Unlike the other shootings that have shaken Texas over the past several years, in which gunmen targeted people who had gathered for a common purpose — at a church, a school, a shopping center — Saturday’s tragedy stretched for miles. From an interstate highway to neighborhood streets to the parking lot of a movie theater, the gunman sowed terror across the Odessa-Midland region.

A former math teacher was shot while sitting at a traffic light with his wife and children. A beloved uncle was hit outside the home he had just moved out of. A high school student bled out after leaving a dealership where her brother had just picked up the keys to his new car.”

An epidemic.  A disease.  A scourge.  And through how many administrations and congresses have things remained so?  There is something terribly wrong with this nation–it is sick–and its political system.

Things will continue to get worse unless the political system that allows for such things is radically changed.

There remains no viable political party that stands for radical political change.

Sensible people have to act to bring about that radical change and it looks like it will have to be done outside the extant political system.

Or we can just keep on going on and allow our fellows to be slaughtered.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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