The difference between B. Sanders and most other politicians IS his consistency and being consistently on the right side of things in regard to the major issues with which citizens should be concerned. The is consistent because he is principled and his principles are embedded in his humanism, a deep and abiding concern for the welfare of his fellow human beings. Such principles cause one to know what is and is not negotiable and such a one as he is open to being asked “why” and replying with answers made righteous by those principles. He IS very much unlike the too many others who FIND principles to suit their particulars and, often times, those particulars are not particularly principled…or humane. He is a profoundly different kind of candidate and, while he should be well loved by all, in our current American society, he is feared by most. Those who fear him should consult their principles.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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