Colleges and University: Lots of Money Available if You Teach What We Tell You to Teach

Universities and colleges, whether public or private, are ever so much now tools of the rich and powerful who figured out a long time ago (see Merchants of Doubt) that controlling higher education was important to control over a society made up of people who believed they had a right to participate in the societal decision making process.  Controlling what people can think and what they can know so that they will decide in ways favorable to a particular agenda is the passive way to gain ownership of the system, the vote available but made safe from the possibility that it might be used to bring about the kind of change that would redistribute wealth and power.

Two articles here that are not new but that both get at the university system, made poor by cutbacks in public funding, becoming dependent on the false generosity of the likes of the Koch brothers for staying solvent, sometimes rather flush.  That donor money does not influence decision making is something hardly anyone can believe anymore, particularly after the cash for admission scandal that the involvement of show biz people brought to the attention of the general public.

The cheating goes far beyond and far deeper to far darker places than revealed when these folk were caught out.  It goes to the heart of what universities are about, what the work of the university is—finding truths or, instead, giving prominence to lies and falsehoods donors prefer to have told.

List of Supported Colleges 

This is list colleges and universities to which the Charles Koch Foundation contributes money.  It is published by the Foundation.

Documents show group sought control over hiring at Florida State

This is an article published by the Center for Public Integrity in 2014 titled “Koch Foundation Proposal to College: Teach our Curriculum, Get Millions.  It was updated in 2018.

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