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The system is about scams, its goodness a sham.


This is not an isolated case in the context of our capitalistic system but a normal aspect of its functioning, the con a respected member of the community if he or she can stay within the law that, because it is so well influence by the successful cons, works well to shield cons by legalizing the game.  Some do “game” the system but most of the successful  play the game by rules they have helped to write, their right to write a privilege of wealth.  These people are often contributing members of their communities, supporting the little league and hosting parties for those in or wanting to hold political office.  Their wealth buys them respectability and they become a part of that echelon of community that defines what is respectable.

And so goes the American democracy, a political system that the public is taught to respect even though it produces the scams that bilk them out of the pay they may be allowed to earn.  The confidence men are everywhere and children are taught to have confidence in them and the system they have co-opted.  It all works well, deception respected as clever and deceit as the path to success.


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