Ain’t no party for the people unless they are wealthy people

Trump leads among small donors. Democrats now get plenty of support from the wealthy, with predictable consequences.

Opinion piece but loaded with respectable references.  In response to the friend who forwarded this article to me I wrote:Interesting.  The corporation friendly “left” is an interesting phenomenon, indeed, the neoliberal a most interesting animal, its dominance in the leadership of the democratic party having driven me out.  I have no party because the two parties are both capitalist parties, both doing what they can to protect a system that is inhumane.  The answers to the problems we face lie outside the current political system.  Sanders plays an interesting game of being outside but inside enough to count.  Money in politics has made viable democracy impossible, elections bought and sold, power purchased rather than gained by those with the best ideas.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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