I think what is frightening some is that democratic socialism is beginning to seem a fine alternative to what we have now.

I am beginning to think that Bernie Sander’s revolution is already in motion considering how much energy is being spend on preventing the take over of the United States of America by a Democratic Socialist. There is considerable fear out there not just that he might win but that, even if he does not, he has put something into motion that is, no matter what, going to change society in a profound way, if nothing else, the political culture that has been moribund because of the rigidness of the two party system in place. Sanders is not running as a third party candidate, but he might as well be, the possibility of such very real unless the democratic party does some serious remodeling to accommodate a new way of thinking.

I am going to begin dreaming of what this land and this world might be like if all had enough and all could live decent lives because they lived in a country with a properly kind and humane economic system built by a politics that was truly FOR the people, all of the people, that existed to “support and defend the more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

Democratic socialism!

Bernie is winning. Therefore he is not an American and Certainly not…

And certainly not a patriotic one or one who cares about democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom means capitalism. Capitalism is the ultimate good no matter how badly it treats people or the earth. Socialism is the same as communism and neither has done anyone any good. In China, more people starve today than they did under the previous system and, sadly, no advances have been made in improving the quality of life for the people. The communist party takes all the people’s money and locks them up so that party members can have it all. In Cuba, there are people starving everywhere around the country, most in need of medical care and few educated enough to know what is happening to them. Bernie stands for such deprivation for the people and wants to insure that the wealth of the nation goes to him and his supporters. He does not want to do what the Cubans are doing, spending money on ecologically sound agriculture methods or rehabilitating large portions of the coast line to better sustain its animal and plant life. Bernie wants the Bern to burn the earth to an uninhabitable crisp and preserve just enough of it so his small band of Bernie Brothers and Sisters can live their lives without having to be pestered by the riffraff.


Fair and Just not yet…

Cannot ignore the Harvey W. trial outcome. Need to examine attitudes, how shaped, from where they come, how they are reinforced, and how what is allowable behavior is determined and by whom. A new America where respect for human beings and planet is central to thought process that guide decision making.

Harvey Weinstein found guilty

By Mike Hayes and Meg Wagner, CNN

Fair and Just not yet.

Something right here to undo a wrong that is now built into the system, money having a say in jurisprudence, even a little too much if fairness and equal justice is the goal–which it has to be if we are to have a sane and humane society.

NRA Fails to Block N.Y. Subpoenas Issued to its Former Ad Agency

By Erik LarsonFebruary 24, 2020, 11:17 AM PST

The National Rifle Association can’t prevent New York investigators from seeing documents subpoenaed from its former advertising agency, Ackerman McQueen, a judge ruled.

Honesty is a pain

I am realizing that my political choices may be losing me friends and that is how it will have to be. I am not where I am in my politics because I haven’t worked hard to get things right in my mind. I know how I got here and it has been along a path that I have carefully followed, step by step, carefully and cautiously. So, yes, I am stubborn, or perhaps stubborn here is just another word for deeply convinced about what is right and wrong and good and bad. My criteria for political decision making begins with humane and sane, the test, consistently so and absolutely sincere. I know of but one candidate for president who can be certified as such and for those who want to be angry and nasty to me for convictions I have worked hard to develop, so be it.

Change is a pain

You know, all who fight for revolutionary change, that is, truly meaningful change are, if sensible, worried about consequences–these must be a central topic of conversation–and what the benefits are, both in the context of the current reality and the forces that cause it to be as it is. How far to go at each step, another important consideration, slow sometimes bad for gaining momentum, too fast, chance of error increases. Finding a balanced approach that is appropriate for the situation might mean some radical appearing action at the onset to deal with what might prevent the movement from getting going at the start. Too, trying to find compromise is sensible but only if possible without giving up what the fight–and it will be a fight–is about.

Publicize to kill

A plan for supporters of democratic candidates, whoever they are. Start now to find ever thing about the candidate that may be used against him or her, all that can be construed to discredit and undermine, all that can be used to defame. START MAKING IT IS PUBLIC, NOW along with all evidence that exists that would make people think it is true and all that would prove to them that it is not. I am going to do this with Bernie. I want to find all the dirt, everything that can and will be used against him and CHECK IT OUT. I expect to find that most of the things that will be pulled out of his record to crush him by Trump and the republicans is less than fully true and not enough to show that he is not a good enough person for the job, characterize or other wise. Maybe we can get ahead of the game?