Biden and a better bigotry?

The issue of black voter support for Biden is perplexing as much as it is understandable, at least from a perspective such as mine, a white life-long far left of the center of left thinker for all of my thoughtful adult life. He was Obama’s Vice President, that is true. He did things that helped the movement to beat on this racist nation to force it to make concessions to the fact, not necessarily that Black people and other people of color were people as were white people, people, but, by virtue of that Damned Constitution, beings who, it had to be recognized, equal under the law.
Concessions–yes–concessions were made by the middle of liberal but still hooked on some advantage, maybe a whole lot for white folk, because, well because they were white, obviously, but only concessions and never full bore changes in the system to reflect equality of all in the society and under the law. LOOK AT JOE’S RECORD. LOOK AT WHO HE LIKED AND WAS ABLE TO LIKE! And still be a “friend” of people of color. Why, because then he could be seen as better that most everyone else with some power in American politics because American politics and the society it served were horribly. terribly, inhumanly, and harmfully racist.
Obama was a black president. Obama was the best black president the nation had ever had. He recognized Black people and people of color to be due equal treatment and he went a little further in explaining the nature of racism in the society and its causes and its effects. But, he was still a man committed to the system, to promoting the ridiculous idea that America was really a great country WHEN IT HAD HARDLY ENOUGH BEEN GOOD ENOUGH TO LARGE, MAINLY OF COLOR, GROUPS OF PEOPLE..
Biden is trying to ride coattails he has no right to try and grasp and they are the coat tails of the first Black president who took a middle of the road–hey, we can all be friends–approach to politics, one that allowed HIM to get along (really not so well) with those who were his fellow politicians.
BIDEN, AS THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE, would continue the middle of the road approach and maybe some think that he will be able to do better with the Obama approach because he is white. Part of this is a belief that he will be better able to unify a nation that showed just how viciously divided it is in terms of attitudes toward race (and many other things) because he is white and that is a concession that no sensible halfway equitable, halfway decent person should make, white or black or brown or of whatever color skin they may be. BIDEN WILL NOT TAKE ON THE CAUSES OF RACISM OR THOSE RACISTS WHO DO NOT DO PHYSICAL HARM TO PEOPLE OF COLOR BUT DO HARM BY PROMOTING AND SUPPORTING A RACIST POLITICS THAT IS DEEPLY EMBEDDED IN THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM THAT, OF COURSE, FOR THE BENEFIT OF WHITE PEOPLE, ALLOWED FOR THE EXISTENCE AND PERPETUATION OF SLAVERY.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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