Bernie and the attack dogs

It would seem that I am over the top Sanders and it would be fair to think of me as such. This is not because I have joined a cult or been made mad by a bigger than life super hero who can do no wrong because he is super. Bernie’s appeal to me is about how real he is, how true to good ideas he has remained throughout his political career and this with a few burps–the gun thing–but not so many as to cause one who looks at his record as a human being and politician to see him as anything else than a good person. He is a good person!!!! And this is what has caused vitriol to be thrown his way by those shaking in their Gucci boots about the possibility of a democratic socialist candidate. He is not the regular kind of political, he is not the politician shaped by alliances with with greedy owners of the nation. He has lived a rather humble life, as far as I can tell. I don’t think he ever partied with Trump or the Bushes or Jeffery Epstein and not just because he wasn’t invited. He understood that that was not where he belonged, as a decent human being with the kind of values that make Sanders the kind of candidate he is, hard to stick dirt on because he really is pretty damned clean.
The alternative for sullying him is to make a monster out of a political philosophy that is actually a humane philosophy, that comes of a genuine concern for the welfare of people and a passionate disdain for those who would do harm others in order to get more for themselves, this a key to success as a capitalist. Those who hate him hate him because the is trying to disrupt a system that does not just invite but necessitates the inhumane treatment of others, one has to make others losers in order to win.
I have been looking for a good, a truly good person to run for the presidency throughout my life. I think I once found one in Jimmy Carter who, because he was a good man was chewed on by the beast all through his presidency. Here is another one of those people again, this one with maybe a bit more grit because of battles so far fought who wants to not just win to have it his way but to change the dynamic of the political system and the rather cruel society in which it operates.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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