Kill Bernie by association

I know that this is too long for most, that some think ideas can be explained on a bumper sticker or borrowed placard or in less that 20 words–Sanders is a shit–Bernie surrounds himself with thugs–anyone but Trump–and that is not only enough but much better than the long comment. Really, I no longer give a shit if anyone reads my crap. I fail horribly to do what I set out to do, provoke meaningful conversation. Here’s to that failure extended infinitely.

I am both saddened and scared by the friends and relatives who have been absorbing and being poisoned by the attacks, NOT on Bernie Sanders for what Bernie Sanders says or stands for but who they have been told his followers are. What you are hearing is desperation from a ruling class who thrive on the kind of capitalism that Sanders threatens and who want you to think that their centrist solutions are really meaningful in terms of getting rid of the evil that brought us to this point, to a Trump. How many more need to be fucked over by this system–its insistence on cheap labor, its licensing of industries that harm the environment and people, that underfund schools and keep in place the system of higher education that is about who can afford rather than who is able. 

Really, this bullshit about Sanders began to come out when he became a leading candidate. And, those who are spreading the bullshit in order to help Elizabeth Warren, should remember that Elizabeth’s positions were made acceptable because Bernie Sanders opened the door for candidates who are viable because they challenge the establishment.

I am angry (oh no! Just like Bernie and his Bros, right?) and I am terribly saddened and terrified by the profound lack of political and historical insight that allows people not to see the necessity of a political revolution. I am truly amazed after decades and decades of growing from worse to more worse–how much money did we allow get into the hands of the rich and how many laws have we allowed the rich and corporate to pass that say fuck you to most and take even more those who have too much?

It is coming to the point that there is so much bullshit in the system that no one can think straight anymore. And that is how it is that a truly decent person like Bernie Sanders–SHOW ME THE FLAWS IN HIS PHILOSOPHY–can be savaged so by those who consider themselves to be fair and just and liberal.

Think I am the sucker? Keep thinking that and see what you get when the choice is from the center, that meaning more of the status quo, and for four or eight years there is a quiet retreat from the insanity of today before it comes back even worse than Trump.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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