On the verge

I am seriously considering dropping out of the political process because it is owned by those who have a lot because of the way it operates and I am sick of watching them win no matter who gets elected. I am without a party that will willingly represent my views. There is no mainstream media channel where views such as mine are fair and reasonably aired and there is no mainstream political party that represents anything other than perpetuation of a truly asinine system where one many who hold wealth in excess of what 125 million citizen have collectively. I watched tonight as sensible ideas were made to look silly–do we need billionaires? Really? And when we have them they get a say, get to say more loudly than all of those 125 million and more what they think because can afford to buy the time. I know why some Bernie supporter are nasty. Some are because they really are tired of what happens when the game is played “fairly,” by rules that have nothing at all to do with fairness.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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