Let it rip. Polite gets one nowhere because polite is sissy stuff in the hard core world that is our society. So a man works a good part of his life on the “wrong side of things” that really is the side to make more humane an inhumane system and, when his ideas catch on with too many, the system has to kill him off.

And there are people who not only allow this to happen, refuse to give to him what he deserves, praise, if for nothing else, being principled in a humane manner. Now the system sees him as a threat and the big tear apart anyone who threatens machine begins to do its work by convincing, with astounding ease, that the man is not a good man but a menace.

In this case it takes a certain kind of, what to call it, I want to call it stupidity, but that doesn’t quite capture it–naiveté that comes of acculturation, of indoctrination that causes people to buy what they do not need and buy into what is not true.

Think about the worst of Bernie the man, the politician. Yes, he sided with gun people in his state before learning better–live and learn–and Elizabeth Warren–and this is a really big deal–said he said that a woman could not win the presidency, this in private, never in public to incite people to vote for a man, never, probably at all.

So the best that can be done? Argue that he is a bad man because some–what percentage might that be–of those who support him are assholes? I have had a little of that myself, crazy students who made other students think I somehow endorsed their craziness.

We are falling into a deep pit and going to it voluntarily convinced by the snakes that there is something good at the bottom. Really, nothing but snakes, right, so why not just become one.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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