Why class size reduction?

  • That reducing class size is prominent is a good thing. So, do you have a sense of how smaller classes would be made to improve instruction? That needs to be a part of the argument and there are arguments that can be made convincing, I think, in terms of benefits for students. If the focus of instruction is going to be growth of thinking ability to make decisions and solve problems–if the public can be convinced that these are primary goals across the disciplines–then small class size can be explained as absolutely essential. What goes with that is means for bringing before the public and its representatives proof that students are achieving in regard to such outcomes. I am not sure that the case has been made or, at least, well enough to get the public to the school house door–or district office or state department of education–to strongly advocate for the changes needed to achieve such ends.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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