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Bernie is winning. Therefore he is not an American and Certainly not…

And certainly not a patriotic one or one who cares about democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom means capitalism. Capitalism is the ultimate good no matter how badly it treats people or the earth. Socialism is the same as communism and neither has done anyone any good. In China, more people starve today than they did under the previous system and, sadly, no advances have been made in improving the quality of life for the people. The communist party takes all the people’s money and locks them up so that party members can have it all. In Cuba, there are people starving everywhere around the country, most in need of medical care and few educated enough to know what is happening to them. Bernie stands for such deprivation for the people and wants to insure that the wealth of the nation goes to him and his supporters. He does not want to do what the Cubans are doing, spending money on ecologically sound agriculture methods or rehabilitating large portions of the coast line to better sustain its animal and plant life. Bernie wants the Bern to burn the earth to an uninhabitable crisp and preserve just enough of it so his small band of Bernie Brothers and Sisters can live their lives without having to be pestered by the riffraff.


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