Publicize to kill

A plan for supporters of democratic candidates, whoever they are. Start now to find ever thing about the candidate that may be used against him or her, all that can be construed to discredit and undermine, all that can be used to defame. START MAKING IT IS PUBLIC, NOW along with all evidence that exists that would make people think it is true and all that would prove to them that it is not. I am going to do this with Bernie. I want to find all the dirt, everything that can and will be used against him and CHECK IT OUT. I expect to find that most of the things that will be pulled out of his record to crush him by Trump and the republicans is less than fully true and not enough to show that he is not a good enough person for the job, characterize or other wise. Maybe we can get ahead of the game?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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