No party for me

Two parties and none that reflects my views, none that is there to defend the public from the onslaught of predatory capitalism, none that is there to make it so that a decent day’s work guarantees a decent day’s wages, decent health care, a decent chance for the children to have full educational opportunity, that makes possible access to clear air and clean and safe water, that allows for adequate leisure time to experience what is there in the world to be enjoyed.

I had to register democratic to vote in the recent Nevada caucus. I had dropped my affiliation after the last election when I was forced to vote for either neoliberalism or Trumpism and I hated having to make such a choice. I have good reason to believe that the democratic party is trying to make sure that I will have the same kind of choice before me if its leaders have their way.

Tonight, the suits came together to anoint the antidote to meaningful change and everyone knows that this gang was always going to do what they felt best for a status quo that any humane person would find cruel and inhumane.

I loath these people because I crave proper justice for the people, equity, a meaningful seat at the table. Those who voted for Trump over Hillary will have before them a choice similar to the one that pushed them toward Trump, no one to champion their cause. There will be blame and it will be placed, by the party and its “moderate” media cheerleaders, on those who fought for something different. We will be said to have given Trump four more years.

That will be an incredible bold-faced lie. But it will resonate with those who want to keep what they have at what ever cost to those who have so much more less, their concern for the latter a case of the illness that deserves to be show up for what it is, false charity.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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