Aggressively Bernie

For those who know that progress cannot be made in the context of the current system, the message that is being made loud and clear is that there is no gentle way to meaningful change. The pushback against Bernie Sanders was to be expected. He is not a candidate. He is a threat. He is a threat to a way of life that has to hurt at least as many as it helps and the help it gives is not for those who need but to those who already have. That is what is being protected by the campaign to override the legitimacy of the movement Bernie Sanders is leading and he is threatening a way of life, a comfortable way of life that can only be lived comfortably if the pain of millions of people is ignored because the comforts come as they do only through the exploitation of others. Some, many, are sacrificed so that some others can have their comforts.

Americans and those who live in other capitalist countries are habituated to such a way of life and, because it is so dominant even those hurt by it are unlikely to question it to the point of understanding what it is about or why it has been allowed to exist, why those who are harmed, who, for example, are made to live lives fulled with anxiety because of corporate decisions and fluctuations in a stock market, accept that anxiety as the price that must be payed to live in this good society. What they are constantly made to believe is that the society is actually a good one, its economic system the best ever, even if it is not so good to them.

This is not a political campaign. It should not be looked upon as that. It is a battle over how we are to be allowed to live our lives, how human beings are to be treated in a nation where the possibility for a good life for all is real but in which that possibility is undermined by a philosophy that really is that greed is good and hoarding while others hurt is a form of decency. It is indecent and it deserves to be destroyed for the sake of humanity.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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