Shit happens and happens over again endlessly unless people take the kind of action necessary to stop it.

I am over 70 and I do not feel very good but, at this point, I really do not give much of a shit about me and survival, really. What I do care about is what is out there and what will be in the near future as it will affect people I love and care about. And, too, I cannot help but care to want to give what those who deserve better what they are denied and what I fear will happen to them in that near future, the virus certainly on my mind because I foresee another wiping clean of the assets of those who live moderately decent lives–many of these recovered to some degree from the last round of disaster thievery–and those who had little and continue to have little and, for the way this inhumane economy works, are likely to have even less into the future. Unless there is a revolution.

The virus is very likely to affect peoples’ ability to earn livings, people unable to shop, shops shutting down, people out of work. This is likely to go high up the economic chain, to the upper middle and middle of upper classes and so jobs will be lost and people will be unable to pay their bills, their mortgages, their car payments and so on and so forth. Houses and other belongings will be taken by those who can afford to take and, as happened last round of crash, those with money will cash in and the rest will be left will little.

That cannot be allowed to happen. It probably will be allowed to happen and the concentration of wealth in even fewer hands, the rich will get richer and the rest more desperate to just survive, lower paying jobs better than starving to death.

This is the system that Bernie Sanders has yelled and screamed needs to be changed. I do not care if Bernie is elected president. I do not think he, considering how little support he will get from those who need him most and the meat grinder he will be put through by those who cannot at all tolerate what he is about–not because they care about those who they will convince to vote against themselves but to get more out of those who have less–can do much unless those who are getting fucked over and who will get fucked over even more rise up.

We will watch again a passive public allow themselves to be fleeced and then give thanks to those who fleeced them because they are being given back a little, enough to allow them to work hard to make sure those who own them have everything else.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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