After receiving a note showing me why I should not be in despair over the victory Joe Biden will be handed by democrats

It will be a miserable night, I suspect, for people like me who see the current economic system as being unjust and inhumane and it will be miserable because the “reasonable” people out there cannot reason beyond the reality this society has created for itself, one that demands that in order for it to be good, some have to suffer, that the good of some is more important than the good of the whole.  I do not think that the rich are evil but that some rich people are too rich and use their wealth to leverage democracy to get more of what they want, this at the expense of functional democracy.  The article you sent me is about a type of analysis that serves well to say that, as Hillary did, America is already good or, at least, sill the best.  While they say this, there are so many elements of “even though” to either ignore or call inevitable that the claim of goodness is preposterous.  The reality of the consequences of those “even thoughs” for the people who suffer them are often ignored so that the good life can go on or the plight of the sufferers said to be their own damned fault when a little bit of sensitivity to their reality would tell the caring being that at best such is only partially true, in too many cases, those involving children and others a decent society would do everything to protect and make comfortable, wholly true and terribly disturbing.  So, with Joe we are going to be able to get along again and the isle will be crossed and hands shaken and backs patted to show unity restored—as if it ever disappeared, as if there ever has been a congress that is truly for all of the people, for the people more than the companies, for the people more than stockholders who often make more money off the work the workers do than the workers themselves.

Bernie is being made a joke and you can feel the anxiety of those who have and control dissipating.  Me, I do not know what to do.  For a moment I held some hope for a kinder, gentler America, a country I could like well enough because it had become humane enough to make it possibly for me to stop suffering from feeling empathy.  Sucks to it, I say.  What is mean and rotten will remain and the possibility of another Trump or worse will be more than real, the Bush after a right of moderate Bill Clinton, a Trump after the ever so good Obama.  I fear to think about what the after Biden will be.  I have every reason to believe that there is a good possibility that is better than Bernie will be even worse at winning against Trump than the last better than Bernie.

I am deeply saddened by America.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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