Despair and it is profound

Joe is being anointed. No one supporting him who is sane believes him to be the best possible candidate for the office but, somehow he is the best the democratic party is capable of supporting.

It is time for a real third party, a party to build a truly humane platform to challenge all who wish to preserve the current rotten status quo.

Joe is better than Trump, not good, but the only other choice we have been given by this two party system.

The new party will not get in the way of Joe getting elected but will be there to keep pushing for the humane agenda, one that constantly reminds the world of the savagery of the current American capitalist system.

Kids in cages is beyond outrageous. Kids underfed and undereducated as part of the normal operations of a society that is abundantly wealthy is nothing but child abuse, neglect, criminality. That the democratic party ran a candidate last time who make the convention sing the mantra “America is already good” was a sign of how little it has to offer the cause of humanity.

Vote for Joe. Hold your nose and do it. Maybe get some anti-nausea and anti-anxiety pills for the debates and prepare for the real possibility that he will be made a fool by the great fool himself. A fear theater of the worst kind of absurd but what else do we have.

Thank you democratic party. Go to hell.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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