No, Joe is not a good Joe

Politics in a time of crisis such as the one in which we now find ourselves is critical to getting out of crisis and for minimizing the effects of future ones.  Yes, the capitalist system is failing everyone besides the capitalists who are bound to find a way, as they did with the 2008 financial crisis they created, to cash in on the misery of the multitudes.  Making profit is what they exist for, what shapes the ways in which they operate.  They are viciously opportunistic and this, is a disaster ripe with opportunity to turn a buck or many million bucks.  The president has shown that he will support these most inhumane amongst the species in every way he can and the democratic party’s anointed candidate to challenge him has a record that shows that he will side with the corporate interests whenever possible.  This crisis should tell people about what the economic system and its advocates have done to government that is supposed to be by and for the people, the whole of the people, for the common good.  For decades now, through republican and democratic administrations, the trend has been to cut government services and allow the private sector to have its way with the world, no government there to protect the people or hold back those who would harm them from doing them damage.  Joe, Hillary, and all those in the democratic party who have supported their “America is already great” approach to dealing with the issues that confront us have aided in destroying the safeguards against human abuse and neglect a government by a people with good sense would demand.  This centrist line is should be taken as a joke line, the joke on anyone who believes centrists want the kind of change needed to make this a decent society.  It is time for a revolution and for those who stand in the way to be given a hard push, hard enough to push them out of policy making.  No to Joe because Joe is not a good Joe, certainly not good enough for what ails us.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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