How far will I bend over?

And you have succeeded. A good number of us know there is a better future than what has been so much of our past under both democratic and republican administrations, neither of the only two sides considerate enough of human needs and human pain to change the way this country operates.  Both parties fail in offering platforms humane enough for decent people to find enough good in them to really believe that after election poverty will be eradicated, fear for job security will be eliminated, a fair wage will be paid for a fair day’s wage, that health care will be made a right, that schools will be adequately funded, that measures will be taken to defang the rich by taking away their right to own the political system and most everything and everyone in this society.

Yes, some do sip hundred dollar a shot bourbon and some own beach homes worth more that the lifetime pay of several working because they have no choice but homelessness and starvation to work for what they can get.  Last round of primaries made anointment by the Democratic Party of a right of center candidate a done deal.  The party rallied to show enough hatred of the idea of real change to insure that capitalism would stand strong and continue to crush decent people in this country and abroad.  Joe did what he could to make the party line resonate in strongly implying that Bernie Sanders was not just a socialist but a communist and a friend of leaders of communist countries, countries they want people to believe are so terrible that no one wants to live in them.

Bernie, they advertised, is about dictatorship and this because he pointed to the truly humane things these horrible governments have done for their people like educate them, help them out of poverty–poverty encouraged by the capitalist west’s desire to have what ever these places had that was good and necessary in exchange for promises not to annihilate them. A capitalist dictator is always better than a compassionate socialist and no matter what a communist government does to feed and educate and give health care to more people in these countries than they ever had before, it is far worse that us, a country extremely rich that refuses to make life decent for good numbers of its people.

Can I forgive the democratic party and get on board after it won its way against me by winning the argument, not with good sense discussion of the truly pressing issues, but through fear mongering, creating a new red scare, this to protect what is not right and good but to protect what is wrong but serves the leadership and many of its supporters well.

Biden wants us, of course, to come together so we can defeat a man who is worse than him.  He is not good and many who have voted for him know this.  He is better than the worst and still not good enough.  That is the real tragedy of Trump who comes after Obama who came after Bush who came after Clinton.  The democrats, when they win, try be friends with those across the isle, many of whom are really for the same things–that good old American way that cheats labor so to keep those elegant cocktail on the veranda with movie stars and billionaires going.

I may have to bend and vote for Biden.  But I may not be able to unless he moves somewhat my way.  Want a fucking compromise, maybe if good enough.  Want submission to your cruel reality?  Go to hell.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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