Peace is real only when accompanied by justice and equality

Interesting because it so well expresses the real agenda of the current democratic party, to keep the order, to promote calm acceptance of a system that brutalizes many but serves the selfish interests of those who have much, like the party leaders and those they are willing to support as their candidates.

From The Hill: Democrats, and a few Republicans, condemned Trump over his tweets, a few of which dredged up memories of the violent response to the civil rights movement, saying his language fanned the flames and was unhelpful in deescalating the situation.”

IT IS NOT JUST TRUMP’S LANGUAGE THAT FANS THE FLAMES.  It is the manner of thinking, widespread beyond Trump and his supporters, that is spreading flames that constantly burn in this country because of its unjust economic and political systems that serve a few at great cost to a great many.  Any person with any sense at all would know that before Trump came to office the flames were burning, EVEN DURING THE SAINT OBAMA’S administration.  The last anointed candidate of the democratic party for the office of president was Hillary Clinton who seems to have supported his administration’s response to injustice and inequality by having “them” locked up en masse.

The reason that some want to fuck up the peace is because pease in American society is dependent on allowing the system to fuck up the lives of a great many people, disproportionately of people of color.  Right now, we don’t need no peace.  What we need is change that provides people the opportunities they deserve that allow them to lead peaceful lives.  We do not need a peace that is only for those who can afford the life worthy of peaceful existence.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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