Harder to sleep, maybe, but we will sleep

Biden may win and I hope to hell he does. A good candidate in a country dominated by people with humane aspirations would have won handily. Actually, in such a country, there never would have been a race for leadership of this kind. Trumps in any legitimate endeavor, in the decent country, would never succeed, would always be reviled and restrained. In the last two elections, close to half of those who voted voted for indecency and a good number of those who did not vote for indecency certainly did not vote FOR decency. Decent candidates would focus heavily on WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY because their decency would cause them to empathize with those to whom this country and its economicpolitical (no error here) do harm, far too many, far too much human suffering to excuse as essential to any kind of good.
We voted again and, if Biden wins, so many will feel better because they can go back to living their normal lives. It would be good if they reflected on what is good about their lives, what is not good about the lives of many others and did something more than wait for the next election to do something, however impotent, about the miseries they will allow themselves to become aware of again during the next election cycle.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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