Militias for a sane and humane society

What we need are militias for the sane and humane. We have been led to believe that the political system as it is eventually works to serve the good of the people. We have been indoctrinated to believe this because belief in it keeps things peaceful enough for business as usual to transpire no matter what the real discontent of the majority of people, the cruelty of the system, its injustices.
We need to build fighting forces to combat the forces in this society that use the institutions of the society, the educational system most effectively, to do the work of indoctrination. We need to understand that the system, as is, really does not include all of us, that it makes it possible for some, a relative few, to control the rest of us.
Militias for the sane and humane would fight for sanity and humanity in society, force such upon the system, rid from it those individuals and institutions that are the cause of the cruelty the system generates in order to keep it going, allows it to produce the results it does, much for a few, relatively little both in terms of wealth and power, for the rest.
Militias of this kind would operate OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM, within the law, as much as possible but against the laws that make the system unfair, inequitable, and unjust. These militias would tolerate no law or judicial or enforcement function that allowed for the ill-treatment of any human beings. It would close down all institutions that were harmful to people and planet and work to do this through education and well planned acts of civil disobedience.
We need such militias now.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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