On the topic of democrats arguing for republican acceptance of election results.

The end of meaningful discourse? Can we distinguish between what is actually the same and what is different? Or, do comparisons always work when someone wants to make the point they want to make even if the differences outweigh the likenesses? This is not to condemn the Rs anymore than the Ds. I have watched both parties cut to the part that supports their claims and cut out whatever does not, what is cut away often at least or more significant than what is proffered to prove the point. I hate the politics we suffer because what is lost is not only a proper democratic discourse, but worse, proper lessons in proper and productive discourse. I have taught about argumentation for a very long time and the current “conversation” undermines all teaching of the need for solid proof and rational laying out of a strict rationale for every point made, this a reflection of clear understanding of and respect for the counterpoint. Engaging in such discourse hones the mind, causes one to discover the falsehood, lies, and half or less truths that too often erroneously guide the thought process. The goal of a proper and meaningful democratic discourse is not to BE right but to GET IT right.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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